About Me

My Video Introduction 🙂

Check this video out to learn all about me and why I chose to embark on this journey for a year of AP Biology!

Reflection on my Year of Blogging AP Biology

Creating a Website

Creating the site was definitely a trial and error experience for me. I also am not mentioning this as a negative aspect of making my digital portfolio, but rather something that kept me intrigued with the whole process throughout. I loved being able to formulate my blog based upon Mrs. Girard’s guidance throughout the year, all while self-teaching in regards to organize my blog to my liking according to the set up of WordPress. Although it took me a lot of time to find the theme and set up the menus so they were simple to maneuver for the user, I found my end product to prove all of my work worth while and overall I am very happy with my website. I had an idea that we would be blogging here and there throughout the year, but I was not aware that we would learn how to create our websites to this extent. If I were asked to create another blog, I would be completely willing to take on the challenge and find my way through any website template.

My Favorite Posts

One of my most memorable posts from this year was my first blog post, Breakthrough Research in Children’s Cancer. I really like looking back on this post because of course it was the beginning of my blog and shows the start of my year’s work that really focused on a topic that I feel passionate learning about. My favorite post that required me to use multimedia and make an iMovie was Strawberry DNA Extraction. I did this Above and Beyond project with one of my classmates, Helen Hardy and although we were unable to get the end product we completely expected, it was a my favorite experiment to conduct, film, and edit.

Lessons Learned Working With a Group of 12

Through my experience of blogging throughout this course, I learned a lot about biology itself (obviously :)), how to analyze my work and put it into the format setting of blogs that catch people’s attention, and found that my classmates were a group a intelligent and hardworking girls. I really liked that during some assignments, we were able to choose our groups and others, the groups were chosen for us. This really gave me the ability to work with every girl in my class and learn how to adjust my style of contributing to group projects based on how the other girls organize and complete their projects. Having taken this course, I feel that I am taking away much more than just my knowledge gained in biology, but rather a new interest in technology and a true liking for using multimedia to present my work.

Skills I Gained

One skill that I gained throughout the year were mastering the WordPress website and tailoring my blog to the standards that I saw fit. In the classroom, I think I really mastered being able to work my way through each lab, whether I did the work correctly or not, I always acknowledged that I was trying my best while conducting an experiment and always worked to make connections between the labs and what we were learning out of the book. Another really important skill I worked on throughout the year was organizing myself and improving my time management. As always, I did have some fallouts with that, but regardless I found myself much more organized overall in the classroom and always made my best effort to prioritize the work in AP Biology in my schedule.

My Plans for the Future

Next year I will be attending Chapman University to study Strategic and Corporate Communications and am considering minors in either Music or Public Relations and Advertising. Making my own website throughout this year really played a part in why I chose this major. I am really interested in digital and social media, and know how blogging plays a vital role in this, which is where I want to tie media into my major and find what I really like to do. I can’t wait to take all of the knowledge that I gained in the classroom, from Mrs. Girard, and my fellow classmates this year to the classroom next year!

Dear Future Team AP Bio…

To all of you girls coming into AP Biology next year, here are a couple of key tips to note.  I wish you all the best of luck in this course as I am sure each and every one of you is a total smarty pants. If you have any questions or would just like some advice, don’t hesitate to contact me (my information is at the bottom of this page) and I am going to try my best to remain active on this site as I embark on my new journey into college!

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https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B981noo4pJ7mOUxYYzVyZnZqVU0 – the shareable link to my Dear Future Team AP Bio Biteable for download

*Image labelled for noncommercial reuse*

*Video made using iMovie*


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Taylor, I really learned a lot about you in your video presentation. I escpecially like your creative use of timing and zooming in on the different areas about you. Just by this presentation it looks like you’re learning AP biology, but your also learn a lot about web design and various tools for creating an online presence. What a great class!! The video froze towards the end, but that could be my internet connection. You may want to check this.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Taylor, your About Me page is very insightful and really gives the reader an accurate illustration of who you really are, not just in this course. The website is very well designed and is easy for someone of any technological intelligence level to navigate. Maybe try putting your Twitter feed closer to the top of the page, though! It may be easier that way for your peers and readers to follow your activities :).

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Taylor I am so proud of you! Throughout our 2 semesters of working on this blog, I also came to you for advice if I was confused on the settings, and this website is proof of your success and growth of your web design skills. Not only is this site a journey with you in AP Bio but also a journey in developing your website! Your posts are always engaging, insightful, personal, succinct, and almost all contain multimedia. What I enjoy seeing most is not only your blog voice develop but your movie making and editing skills, looking very profesh! Good work Tay…you should show this to your SCC professors!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Taylor, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your growth and development over the year. Thank you for sharing your scientific insights and how these impacted you. Your personality shined through in your pictures, blog posts, investigations, and your overall about me page. I especially liked your final tips for future AP Bio students. Very informative, playful and creative; just like you. How special that you found your college major and interest from doing this project. Thank you Mrs. Girard!
    Thank you Taylor for sharing your talents❤️.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Taylor, What an adorable video that has such excellent tips and tricks! Each tip reflects something that you have learned this year, ways that you found to be successful. I am so proud of your effort. You brought a smile with you to class every day! What a blessing it has been to be part of your journey here at NDB not just once, but twice. I am so glad you made the decision to challenge yourself…you have been a vital AP Bio Team member all year. I can’t wait to see what you do with your major. It sounds exciting and challenging and will let you continue to develop your creativity and digital skills! Please be sure to send me links to future sites and creations. You know where I will be and how to reach me…tweet, linkedin, email, facebook 🙂


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