Breakthrough Junior Challenge

Why Sleep is a Teen’s Best Friend

Public Service Announcement

I created my Breakthrough Junior Challenge video about sleep because I know how important sleep is to every human being and I think more people should be made aware of the effects of sleep deprivation in teens, therefore developing this video into a Public Service Announcement. Also brought up in my video, teenagers should not be waking up as early as they do for school, and if schools were to truly recognize how beneficial a later school start time would be, so many positive things would come of this long-awaited change. I found this concept interesting because I know how relatable of a topic it is, especially to high schoolers who struggle with a busy schedule and long days. 


One thought on “Breakthrough Junior Challenge

  1. Taylor, what a great public service announcement! I think many teens, parents and school administrators should watch this video. I agree, teens need sleep to help them be more energized to get through their busy day and hectic schedules. I also think this can lead to better sleep habits in adulthood. I really like how you put the tired you in black and white and the alert you in color. Great touch! I would love to hear more about this topic.


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