Season 5 Roundup: Review Board Games

Season 5 – Metabolism and the Cycles of Life was full of extremely interactive labs, new tools for learning cycles such as cellular respiration, photosynthesis driving questions, and lastly, review board games to tie everything together. The class was split up into three groups of four, where we were given multiple class days to work on and complete original board games that covered this season’s material, specifically in-depth questions about the cycles in cellular respiration and photosynthesis. The categories as to which the games were invented upon were Glycolysis, the Krebs Cycle, Electron Transport/Oxidative Phosphorylation/Chemiosmosis, Respiration, Light Dependent Reactions/Cyclic/Non-Cyclic, and Light Independent Reactions.


The group shown above was playing a game that was created using a Trivial Pursuit board and crafted the questions to look exactly like the cards that come with the game! They had excellent color-coding by difficulty and provided the instructions necessary to make this an easy game to understand, while still maintaining the challenge in reviewing this season’s material!


This group is shown playing a game modeled after jeopardy (with a spin on it). The group had a deck of question cards to pick from that were color and number-coded on the back. When each player answered the questions on her whiteboard (“#1-How many carbon atoms are in each of the products of Glycolysis per pyruvate?”), they would look at the back of the question card to find the number and coordinating color (#1) that matched to a number on the board that had the answer displayed under its numbered post-it (3 carbon atoms per pyruvate). The players loved the organization, color-coding, and display of the board that made it easy to understand, and fun to play!

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 6.46.06 PM.png

The last game shown above was modeled after Candy Land! The game came with a deck of question cards, dice, and player pieces. Once a player answered a question correctly, they would move the amount of spaces that they rolled on the dice. If a player landed on a spot that connected to a pathway such as “Gradient Avenue” they would then be able to skip spaces, therefore getting ahead, and whoever made it to the end was the winner! This game was a great combination of playing another version of a childhood favorite and displaying newly acquired knowledge of the topics covered this season!

All of the girls really seemed to enjoy working in groups to come up with these interactive review board games! Not only did they help everyone to study for the upcoming Season 5 Finale, but they gave the girls yet another tool to express their creativity and what they have learned!


One thought on “Season 5 Roundup: Review Board Games

  1. Taylor, What a creative way to learn about AP Biology! I imagine you and your cohorts learned a lot as each of you were participating in developing the games with the questions and answers, but then were able to have fun and learn while playing the games. Wow! Who knew AP Biology could be so fun! For feedback, I would like to have seen the project that you helped create.


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