My Road Trip to Southern California

Recently, I drove down to Southern California with my mom to interview at and visit my top two colleges that I am applying to: Chapman University and University of Southern California! Also, I was able to visit my brother who is a current student at Chapman University. Not only did this trip help me to jump out of my comfort zone and meet with new people to talk about myself and my school career, but it also made me realize how much my course work at Notre Dame has helped me with the decision of applying as a Communications major to both of these schools.


While Biology is wildly different than Communications, I have come to notice how much being a student in Mrs. Girard’s Honors Biology and AP Biology courses has made me more fond of digital media and presentations. Learning to use new online tools in class has familiarized me with online resources that I otherwise would not be aware of. Watching my fellow classmates use different tools than me and the format in which they choose to share their knowledge has really inspired me along the way. I have found new ways to present in a classroom setting, and am always bouncing ideas off of others through group work and peer editing, which really does play a role into communicating with others. The encouragement to stray away from iMovie or Google Slides and try something I have never heard of requires patience and willingness to familiarize myself with this presentation tool, however always pays off when the final product comes along.

I am both nervous and excited to pursue this major in my college career and cannot be more grateful that I am going in prepared and ready to meet new people, try new tools, and gain a much better knowledge of the world of communications and media!




(Future of Empathy substitute post)

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2 thoughts on “My Road Trip to Southern California

  1. Taylor, who knew an AP Biology class would steer your toward you college major and that you could learn such up to date technology that will inform you for years to come. Kudos to Mrs. Girard and her innovative model and style of teaching! How exciting that you were able to interview at your favorite colleges and get a closer look at their communications departments. Good for you for taking the time to do this. I would like to hear more about what you learned from the different colleges and what stood out for each. Good luck with your college applications!


  2. As a teacher constantly looking to build positive transfer with my students, it was nice to see that another teacher is doing this successfully as well. Your SoCal adventures are sure to be excellent, especially if you continue to build new methods and connections for yourself as you discuss in this post!


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