Genetics & Health Symposium: Neurofibromatosis

Click on this link to Helen’s, Alexa’s, and my Voicethread to learn all about Neurofibromatosis:


2 thoughts on “Genetics & Health Symposium: Neurofibromatosis

  1. Taylor, Great teamwork with Alexa and Helen. Neurofibromatosis type 1 sounds like a horrible disease, but your presentation was very informative. I really liked the detail and color to the slides. I also liked how you circled the specifics of what you were talking about at certain points in the presentation. I was especially interested in the theraputic strategies used to help reduce the tumor sizes and how this was based on genetic studies. The sound could have been a bit louder for the presenters.

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  2. Taylor, Remember that each post should have a short intro so that anyone who may find your site knows what each post is about. You can write them to engage with your audience and get them interested in your work 🙂


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