Semester 1 Digital Site Reflection

Looking back on my first semester of AP Biology, I am grateful for both my successes and shortcomings throughout. I feel as though I have become much more knowledgeable in complex topics and ideas surrounding the coursework, while taking each unit one day at a time. Leading up to the final, I really learned how important it was that my semester’s worth of work was organized and ready for me to study. Although this course has been fairly smooth sailing so far, my shortcomings have solely lied upon the occasional procrastination in regards to a project or just simple confusion at a particular topic being covered. With both of these said, I am pleased to say that I have really developed throughout the semester and feel as though my hard work did pay off going into Christmas break. I also feel as though I am rejuvenated and ready for my second semester of AP Biology, coming upon these upcoming months with the excitement to learn new things, stay organized, and plan accordingly to maintain a healthy and happy school schedule!

My Digital Site Journey With AP and Me, that I created at the start of this course has really kept me going throughout all the hard work that I have completed this first semester, and provided me with the ability to share my adventures with all of you! Not only has transforming my blog into a piece of work that I am proud of inspired me in choosing my college major, but it has really opened my eyes to new technology. The internet is constantly growing and sprouting with new websites, tools, and learning devices, ones that Mrs. Girard brings to class on a daily basis. I thoroughly enjoy using a different website or resource on new projects because it not only expands my view of sharing what I love to learn about, but also makes me step out of my comfort zone a bit.

I love being given the opportunity to share my knowledge and reflections on my site because while it is unique to my voice, I can still receive the feedback and thoughts of others through the comments section on each post. My formal commentator, my mom, has read through each and every one of my posts, giving me both words of encouragement and constructive criticism. Comments like these provide me with new ideas, changes I can make to my site, and keep me motivated to work even harder on my next blog post.

I can only imagine what is to come in this next semester, but one thing for sure is that I will continue to work hard and put my best foot forward in class, upcoming projects, and my own digital site.

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3 thoughts on “Semester 1 Digital Site Reflection

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  2. Taylor, I am so proud of your work. This site showcases your creativity and ability to dive into challenging content. You impress me with your focus and determination. You are always looking for feedback that will help you improve. I have also noticed a renewed energy and focus this semester as was evident on the short answer portion of season 8 finale! I am looking forward to continuing you journey over the next few months. Keep up the great work 🙂


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