Season 10 Roundup: March 5-19

Season 10 – Life Organized

How Life Began – The Origins of Earth and Life

Season 10 is all about life on Earth, both past and present, from the largest of Domains on the Phylogenetic tree of life to the most microscopic of bacteria known to man. The past two weeks, we have learned many new amazing and interesting details involving the origins of life on Early Earth, expanded our knowledge into the religion, evolution, and big bang discussion that has been prevalent for decades, explored phylogenetics through diving into Domains Archaea and Bacteria, and got hands on at the lab tables by filling our very own MudWatts!

We started off the season by watching the movie, How Life Began, which dove into a multitude of knowledgeable opinions and research-based theories about how life started and evolved on Earth.  After that we discussed as a class the many possibilities and opinions we all have about this topic, and all came to the conclusion that we will more than likely never know the exact answer as to how life came to be and evolve on Earth, but that the many guesses and years of research can lead us to a strong idea on life’s beginnings. This discussion led into the well-known Religion vs. Science concept that has been a controversial topic as long as we all can remember. On the bright side, it seems as though both sides are coming to accept the inevitable possibility that both religion and science have played crucial roles into the beginnings of life on Early Earth, and whether everyone chooses to believe this, they both need and complement each other based on the years of research and support both have received since this topic was brought up a long time ago.

Big Bang and the Church

Evolutions and the Church

The Church and Science

Exploring Phylogenetics

More recently we dove into Script 27 which talks all about the Domains Archaea and Bacteria, which essentially are the basis of all life on Earth. We all contributed to a class prezi for homework in which we talk about everything from prokaryotic genetic recombination, to the archaea that have dwelled on Earth since its beginnings. Towards the end of the week we did a short activity where we learned about the properties of mud when placed into these containers with anodes and cathodes, where the bacteria present can transform the energy into electrons that come into contact with the receivers and produce energy in the form of a blinking red light! Lastly we dedicated an entire class period to taking a practice exam in preparation for the AP exam coming in May!

Script 27: Masters of Adaptation (Domain Archaea & Domain Bacteria)


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