LiMPETS Adventure!

Click on this video to watch my vlog from our AP Bio adventure!

3 things I learned on the trip:

  1.  How to collect data on the tide pools using grids and grid squares
  2. When in the presence of Purple Sea Urchins, starfish may be hidden in the crevices and overhangs
  3. These organisms are used to the crashing of the waves (much powerful than any human weight) and therefore walking on them does not hurt them

2 direct connections between what I learned in class and in the field:

  1. How to identify all of the organisms that we saw! In class we went over the Prezi provided by LiMPETS and then took our knowledge we used in class to the tide pools where all of these pictures were brought to life
  2. How to make comparisons and identify characteristics between the different classes and phyla

One memory that I would like to share is that I will never forget how to pronounce Sea Anemone! After multiple tries and debating with Helen about the pronunciation while at the tide pools, it will be hard to forget a funny memory like that!

The service learning/citizen science aspect of the trip that impacted me was that I am super grateful for having been given the opportunity to be apart of something that is much greater and impactful than simply collecting data in the tide pools. I contributed to a study that will continue for a long time and change over even the next few seasons, but knowing that the data I collected will take part in this lengthy study is super interesting!

If I were to change anything about this experience, I would potentially add a small beach clean up to it and make it a day long adventure! Since we were already there in Half Moon Bay, why not contribute more to the environment and our own sense of learning even more! I would totally recommend this trip to others because I had so much fun, learned a lot, and was able to go to the beach when I was supposed to be in class… no complaints whatsoever!


* All footage is original (I used a GoPro Hero 4!)                                                                             ** Music Citation                                                                                                                               Bay Breeze by FortyThr33 Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0… Music provided by Audio Library


2 thoughts on “LiMPETS Adventure!

  1. Awesome post! Your video transports me back to our day on the coast. I LOVE the camera angles and how you were able to get so up close to the organisms. You include interesting information in the post too. Fabulous!


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