My Thoughts on the AP Exam

As I reflect back on the AP Biology exam, I am definitely looking at it from a point of relief and gratitude for all that I have learned this year. Walking in on test day, I felt very well-rested, refreshed from a good breakfast provided by Starbucks, and ready to knock the exam out.

I had spent the weeks prior attempting to work on my multiple choice pace, as this is something that I have always struggled with. I purchased an AP Biology practice book (Barron’s AP Biology for anyone wondering) and decided that this would be my outside resource to the classroom prior to the exam. One of the most important things to me coming into this exam was having an open mind, and not stressing about the outcome of my exam score, but rather just putting all that I could ask of myself into this exam.

I am not going to lie though, this was one of the hardest exams that I have taken. Given the time crunch I inevitably ended up facing at the end of the multiple choice and grid-ins, I was a bit rushed towards the end of the first section. The second section was taken up by 2 essays and 6 short answers, in which I felt very challenged by the wording, but took it piece by piece and wrote what I knew! Looking back, whatever score I get on the exam will make me feel fully content because rather than just my performance on May 8th, I am most pleased with my work in Mrs. Girard’s AP Biology this year in the classroom.




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2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the AP Exam

  1. I agree! The AP Exam is only one day, one opportunity for you to share what you have spent all year learning. It does not represent a complete picture. I value the daily interactions, seeing when your eyes would light up with understanding, and witnessing how you never gave up!


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