#DoNowUShelters Reflection

Do Now U:

Do no-kill shelters really benefit animals? Are traditional or no-kill shelters best for humanely managing stray and abandoned animal populations?

After reading through this article and listening to the audio attachment, this question seems to have many odds and ends to it just as any ethical question does. I could make solid arguments for both the positives and negatives of each side. But after reflecting, I would have to agree in favor of no-kill shelters as opposed to traditional shelters.

Like any situation, both no-kill and traditional shelters have room for major improvement. However, I believe that the no-kill shelters are the most capable of making an impact along with their missions all while aiming to improve the overall lives of rescue animals.

After reading through this article, I learned that “no-kill” is actually just a loose definition, and rather a “marketing term” that does not mean these shelters are 100% no-kill. While this does sadden me, I thought about it and a large majority of animals that are rescued by these shelters are in unstable conditions both mentally physically. The term “no-kill” means that these shelters save 90% of the animals that have rescued, which is a number that could even still improve if animal rescue groups and organizations keep working towards making all shelters “no-kill”.

Looking at this situation practically, there are a lot of road bumps that come with no-kill shelters and making them more practical and safe than traditional shelters. However with work and dedication, I see more positives in aiming to put every effort towards saving the animals that have are capable of finding the home that is right for them. 🙂

On a more personal note, my family just recently adopted a beautiful chihuahua puppy from the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA. Our previous dogs have either been from breeders or neighbors who had a litter of puppies, so being able to find her and make this difference has really made an impact in my life. Welcome to the Collins family Cali!

Image Citation:

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2 thoughts on “#DoNowUShelters Reflection

  1. Cali is absolutely adorable! She is blessed to have been brought home to be part of the Collins family 🙂 I agree with what you shared on our last day about how your site has become a personal reflection of who you are. I have enjoyed seeing that aspect of this site develop. Your voice shines through in your writing!


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