F.L.O.W. Reflection

The Clean Water Crisis

Water is the world’s most beautiful, natural resource that is a necessity of all life. Irena Salina’s documentary FLOW: For Love Of Water, is an open insight into the misusage of water around the world and the importance of this growing crisis surrounding water. One of the most striking pieces of knowledge that I gained from this film was learning that there is this common misconception that water is something that can be owned and kept from those living in poverty. In many third world countries, millions of individuals of lower income are stripped of their rights to clean water because they simply cannot afford the prices set by privatized companies and the government for clean water. In result, two million people a year die from water-born diseases because the majority of them are drinking unclean and unfiltered water full of extremely harmful bacteria. This unfortunate statistic has hit the world hard and in recent years, organizations and individuals have been working towards solutions of providing these people with suitable water for their health, and making progress towards stopping privatized companies from stripping lower income individuals of their rights.


Many efforts are coming about and growing with the hopes of providing more people everyday in third world countries with clean water. Organizations and charities such as Global Water, are continuing to spread awareness, providing health education, and taking action through drilling wells to provide access to clean water in Africa, Central America, and South America. This organization is working towards new solutions that would help these people even more and reach other populations that have yet to be helped. Another charity known as the Water Charity use strategies that are simple, cost effective, and reliant on the work of the people they are giving back to in order to come up with the most reliable and inventive ways of providing these communities with clean water.

While the Clean Water Crisis is a major task to take on, if the world works together as one to chip away at it and come up with new solutions every day, it will take us one step closer to providing these people with something that is a necessity to life, water.

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One thought on “F.L.O.W. Reflection

  1. Taylor, thank you for this eye opening blog post. I didn’t realize how severe the water crisis was to these underprivileged people. Thank goodness for charities such as the Water Charity and Global Water. I have heard of people trying to created safer water projects to help people in third world countries to have clean and safe water. It’s very sad the corrupt governments do not take care of their own people but are more concerned about making money. Thanks again for creating more awareness of this horrible injustice to innocent people.


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